What is Decolonized Intersectionality?

Decolonized Intersectionality: A Manifesto For The Soul

We seek a unified, transformative, decolonized, intersectional, and liberatory space that recognizes and addresses the racism, sexism, heterosexism, cissexism, ableism, and classism endemic to this settler society.

We seek to construct a truly inclusive space that situates, at the forefront, the concerns, voices, and lives of people of color, women, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersexual, asexual, Two-spirited, differently-abled, neuro-diverse, and indigenous peoples.

We seek a space that challenges the myopia of US imperialism, as well as one which consistently considers a globalized and peaceful response towards war, economic and environmental injustices, white supremacy, and all systems that produce oppressive-repressive realities throughout the world.

We demand that privileged folk, who seek to construct a more equitable reality, not only critique and organize against injustices, but also consistently work towards a self-critical framework, situated in understanding how they fit within and benefit from the oppressive-repressive-colonized-white supremacist-hetero-patriarchal state. Only through an honest commitment to a personal liberatory praxis can a truly multicultural/racial/gendered etc. movement hope to succeed.

We actively seek to challenge privilege and the various institutions that comprise the colonizer’s capitalist-white supremacist-hetero-patriarchy, as well as the countless forms of institutionalized repression and oppression found within the prison and military industrial complex, as well as the government, educational, health care, and economic systems.

We acknowledge the historic and contemporary traumas that people of color, indigenous communities, women, and LGBTQIA2 communities have experienced since the inception of this oppressive-repressive colonized state—traumas that have been and still are carried upon the collective memories of numerous communities, impacting their bodies, minds, and spirits.

It is our belief that action is necessary in order to disrupt the discourses, epistemologies, systems, and institutions that continue to colonize, tokenize, flatten, dominate, limit, marginalize, oppress, and repress a multitude of communities. As a result of this space, action, much like liberation, must always be defined by these communities and not by those who benefit from hegemonic structures.

We seek such a radical framework out of the necessity to not only construct an accurate prism for analyzing and understanding society, but to also develop a praxis capable of properly addressing the needs of numerous communities.

We offer this decolonized and intersectional space in order to challenge that which is wrong in the world, as well as a place that serves as a safe-haven to those seeking change. In short, we offer decolonized intersectionality for the soul. 


Voices In The Struggle: Acknowledging Those Who Influenced This Framework


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